RV Towing Tips in San Diego

July 21, 2010 9:08 pm
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If you are looking for RV towing service use the same care in selecting a towing company that you would do for your vehicle. Ask questions about insurance, DOT licensing, damage claims, and seek references from past customers. How should you prepare RV (Recreational Vehicle) for towing? Here is a basic RV towing safety checklist:

* Secure all doors and windows by taping or tying them down. This includes cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathroom. * Remove all hazardous substances, including gas and oil tanks and any kind of firearms or ammunition. * Remove all pictures, mirrors and other hanging items on the walls. * Check all fluid levels including oil, transmission fluid, coolant and wiper fluid and check under the RV for any leaks. * Check the air pressure in all of the tires. This is one of the most important RV towing safety precautions. * Check the lights to make sure that they are all working. * Make sure the tow bars, hitches, and any cables are securely fastened. * Test the emergency and service brakes. * If the RV will be transported in subfreezing temperatures, prepare it as you would for winter storage, with water drained from plumbing systems and antifreeze in place. * Weigh your RV to make sure that it is not overloaded. Too much weight is not only dangerous; it can also cause problems if you are in an accident, because your insurance may deny your claim.

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